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Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking Need Ongoing Support

by Amanda Preston

Did you know that nearly 3 in 10 victims of human trafficking have experienced some sort of physical injury?

This statistic was released in the most recent StatCan Report for 2009-2016. As well, it showed that many victims and survivors of trafficking suffer from emotional and psychological trauma. Emotional and mental health needs may be the most critical of all, as it can have the most debilitating affect on one's life. Survivors are known to experience PTSD, depression, anxiety, self-hatred, and more.

The fact is that victims and survivors need ongoing support.

We need to continue to develop adequate support services for victims such as peer-to-peer support, therapeutic supports, medical services, housing services and so on.

Every community across this country, including Grey-Bruce has the potential for victims and survivors of human trafficking to need your support. While some would like to believe this is just a large city issue, exploitation of human rights can be found everywhere.

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