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Local OPP detachment helps increase Human Trafficking Awareness

The South Bruce OPP and Municipality of Kincardine are helping raise awareness regarding human trafficking.

A release from the OPP states that the South Bruce detachment and Kincardine worked together on applying for a grant application to “increase Human Trafficking Awareness in rural Ontario. The grant was successful, and a Human Trafficking Awareness committee was formed.” That committee has been actively engaging the community over the past 2 years. 

Ryan Drury, Blackburn News - September 8, 2022

Youth anti-human trafficking program launches in Grey-Bruce

The Women’s Centre Grey Bruce has launched its anti-human trafficking program to support young victims and survivors of human trafficking in the community.  


The Our Place program at the The Women’s Centre will provide an in-residence program with counselling and other supports for victims under the age of 16. It will also include a crisis line, outreach support and education in the schools and community.

Rob Gowan, Owen Sound Sun Times - April 1, 2021

Youth Anti-Human Trafficking Program Grey-Bruce
Preventing Human Trafficking

PREVENTING human trafficking

 The two most effective things we can do to prevent trafficking is to empower young people and to make sure that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of consent.


Empowered young people are more difficult to manipulate. They know where their vulnerabilities are and how to support them. They know where their boundaries are and how to assert them.  An empowered young person knows that they matter and is less likely to be exploited by someone in exchange for a feeling of value or to meet their basic needs.

Jon Farmer, Violence Prevention Grey-Bruce - November 28,2020

Bringing awareness to sex trafficking

The girl that Preston met at that party in Owen Sound offered her a better life, and said that she could help Preston find a job and an apartment in Toronto.

“It wasn’t hard to convince me then, as I wanted to escape all of my problems,” Preston said. “She bought me a bus ticket. I remember sitting on that bus as it was driving down Highway 10, looking out the window and picturing how wonderful my new life would be. I would have a new job and my own apartment in a new city.”

She soon discovered that this would be far from the truth.

Keith Dempsey, Grey Bruce This Week - October 20, 2020

Bringing Awareness to Sex Trafficking Owen Sound Ontario Canada
Owen Sound End Human Trafficking March poster


Every victim - no matter how old or young, regardless of economic or social status - has a story. Their stories are each unique, but yet often share many similarities. The majority of survivors will tell you that they did not believe nor did their family believe that sex trafficking could happen to them.

But, it can and it does happen to anyone.  

I know because it happened to me.

Amanda Preston, Owen Sound Hub - September 13, 2020

The UWBG is concerned about human trafficking in Bruce Grey

At the United Way of Bruce Grey, we are concerned that human trafficking exists in our region. Most of all, we care about the victims whose lives have been impacted from this crime that often exists in secret and silence. We have compiled a list of resources for both victims and the general public. Let’s all do our part to be aware of the potential signs so that we can minimize human trafficking in our area.  

United Way Bruce Grey - August 13, 2020

UWBG is concerned about human trafficking in Grey Bruce
Stop Human Trafficking.  Grey Bruce Police Services combat human trafficking


The police services of Owen Sound, Hanover, West Grey, Saugeen Shores and Neyaashiinigmiing First Nation, in partnership with Grey Bruce Public Health and Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth are pleased to announce that they will be receiving additional funding through the Ministry of the Solicitor General to help combat human trafficking in Grey and Bruce counties.

Chief Craig Ambrose of the Owen Sound Police Service says “We know that members of our communities are being victimized by human trafficking and these additional funds will go a long way toward enhancing our ability to help these victims and bring those that prey on them to justice.”

Owen Sound Police Service - August 12, 2020

VPGB Contributes Human Trafficking Article to Grey Bruce Kids

As parents and caring adults, it’s our job to teach young people how to safely live in a world that can be dangerous. That’s why we teach them to look both ways before crossing the street; if they can’t recognize danger, they can’t avoid it. We all tend to agree that teaching road safety is common sense. Although it may not be as obvious to most of us, it’s time that we take the same approach to human trafficking. While we might prefer not to think about the frightening reality of human trafficking, just like road safety, there are things we can teach young people that will help them recognize the danger and avoid the risks.

Jon Farmer & Chelsea Donahue, VPGB - June 4, 2020

Help End Human Trafficking in Grey Bruce
Northern Spotlight. Stop human trafficking.


“Vulnerable persons are being target across the province and police are here to put a stop to it. These people are being sexually exploited and are victims who need to be given resources so that they feel safe enough to come forward and exit the abuse they often endure. When forty-five police services come together, it is a real statement of the societal impact human trafficking has and it is a promise to our victims that we will always be there for them.”


- Detective Constable Kenneth Iles, West Grey Police

West Grey Police - October 24, 2018

OPP and Victim Services says sex trafficking prevalent in Huron County

Deborah Logue, Victim Services Huron County Executive Director says Sex trafficking is a growing problem; last year they received seven cases with four minors and three adults-all women.


“That’s a high number for Huron County, those are only the ones who have came forward to us to get support, imagine how many more are out there that are afraid to come forward and seek support, that’s scary,” she said in a recent interview.

“This does happen in rural areas, this is just not a (city) problem, it’s happening in our small town community where every body thinks everything is hunky dory, it’s not.”

Shaun Gregory, Seaforth Huron Expositor - May 14, 2018

Sex trafficking Grey Bruce Huron County victim in room human trafficking
I'm not for sale. human trafficking.  light being shone on sex trafficking.  rural ontario.

Light being shone on sex trafficking

Owen Sound Police acting-Insp. Mike Daze said the sold-out two-day event was attended by about 200 people. He said it was held to reach out to as many people as possible to shine a light on human trafficking and is rooted in a realization that human trafficking is not just an urban issue.

“The truth and reality is it is here in rural Ontario and we have seen it in Grey-Bruce,” Daze said. “Once we acknowledge that and recognize that we have to work together collaboratively across all agencies. It is the only way we can really move forward in trying to prevent this from happening to our young people who are being victimized.”

Rob Gowan, The Sun Times - April 17, 2018

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