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CARE Package Project in support of The Women's Centre Grey-Bruce Inc.

by Amanda Preston

Thank YOU to everyone that showed up yesterday to take part in the Save the Children End Human Trafficking March and to donate essential care items to the CARE Package Project in support of The Women's Centre Grey Bruce Inc. A big thank you to organizer Jessica Ferretti for making this march possible in our community.

Your support is so important to our shelter. Survivors of all types of violence or abuse need a safe haven, and our shelter provides just that. Women and children often flee unsafe situations with only the clothes on their back, and that is why our shelter needs people like me and you to continue to help.

This project is special to me because I am a survivor of sexual violence and exploitation. I know the importance of needing a safe place.

We will be continuing to collect donations for the remainder of September so that we can make as many beautiful care bags for our women and children that need us. Thank you to the #LilacProject that showed up to support this march. Thank you also for your support in the coming weeks with The CARE Package Project. Your contribution of collecting donations will make a difference in this community!

Shelter is not just four walls and a roof – it’s an embodiment of hope to survivors." ♡

Video Credits: Sarah Shamoon

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