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I know because it happened to me

"I know because it happened to me.

I was a small-town country girl living in Grey-Bruce in my early teen years. I had been introduced to a girl at a party on the outskirts of Owen Sound who offered me a better life, and said that she could help me find a job and an apartment in Toronto. It wasn’t hard to convince me then, as I was in a vulnerable period of my life and wanted to escape all of my problems. She bought me a bus ticket. I remember sitting on that bus as it was driving down Highway 10, looking out the window and picturing how wonderful my new life would be. I would have a new job and my own apartment in a new city.

I soon discovered that this would be far from the truth.

When I arrived in Toronto, I was introduced to a group of individuals who I learned would sexually traffic and exploit me within the inner streets of downtown Toronto.

I believe it is only by the grace of God that I was able to escape one day, a day that I barely can remember.

And here I am, three decades later, having found the courage to share my story and being vulnerable in the public eye once again, one that was not always so kind.

But, I share because I know the impact that the stories of each victim and survivor can have. No matter how old or young, regardless of economic or social status, each story is important and helps to understand how one can support and empower each other and see an end to trafficking within our communities.

So, please listen to victims and survivors when they speak, believe them and lift up their voices, and let's keep this conversation going because far too many people still believe that human trafficking doesn't happen here." - Founder, CARE Project Grey-Bruce

Quote Source: "Community forum on human trafficking set for November" -

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