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1 in 8 Canadian men experience sexual violence

Did you know that it is reported that 1 in 8 Canadian men experience sexual violence? Unfortunately, male victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation are vastly unreported, with statistics under-representing the actual numbers.

There are certain challenges that any victim faces when choosing whether to report or disclose that they have been or are being exploited, which can include feelings of shame, guilt, self-denial or fear of not being believed. Male victims often face the stigma associated with social perceptions of masculinity and male sexuality which can deter someone from coming forward. Research shows that males will often wait far longer than females to seek help and are less likely than female victims to report these situations to authorities.

The reality is that anyone can be trafficked and we need to ensure that there are effective support systems in place for every victim and survivor when they do seek help. We need to continue to develop programs and support services that focus on meeting both female and male survivor's needs, including shelter and housing services that will welcome male victims, as well.

Every community across this country has the need for these vital services and resources to assist victims and survivors, regardless of gender identity, so that their needs can be met and they can begin to rebuild their lives.

If you are experiencing sexual violence or are at risk, there is help out there. You can contact one of the provincial crisis lines or nearest Sexual Assault Centre by visiting @

If you or someone you know is being trafficked, you can call the confidential Human Trafficking Hotline @ 1-833-900-1010. In an emergency, always dial 911.

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