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"It Happens Here!" - Engaging a Community Response

This past weekend, CARE Project Grey-Bruce and those who joined in alongside us walked in Port Elgin, Ontario in #Walk4FreedomGreyBruce in support of Fight4Freedom and to be a voice for victims and survivors of sexual trafficking and exploitation within our communities.

We were humbled to see so much support within the community that day. Many people slowed down in their vehicles, beeped their horns or made positive comments as we walked down the main street.

But, not every interaction was positive that day.

One person, although interested in our t-shirts and signs did not seem to respond well to the fact that this is a reality in many rural communities.

Perhaps it is easier to believe that nothing like that could ever happen in our own backyards.

That one interaction has made us sit back over the past few days and ask ..

"What can we do to bring more awareness so that others will acknowledge the existence of this issue within our communities?"

"How can we initiate positive conversations regarding this issue with each other, to bring forth change?"

We want to engage YOU, this community, to answer these questions above because what you have to say matters. ♡

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